Heather Lehrman

Based on a true story, Bullied at the Dog Park introduces Herbie, a lovable Boston Terrier with a "smushed" face and lots of energy. One day at his favorite park, Herbie is bullied by a larger dog. Sad and upset, Herbie sets out to understand why he was bullied, and along the way meets a lovable collection of dogs (including Bruno, the powerful and polite bulldog, and Jack, the smiling Pug) who have also suffered from bullying. The group quickly becomes friends, while learning valuable lessons about treating all dogs (and people) with respect, and the importance of simple kindness.

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Bullied At The Dog Park Awarded Three Laurels at NYLIFF

Best Short, Best Animated Short, Best Producer/Best Director

Award Winning Short at MYLIFF
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Not just adorable, Bullied At The Dog Park is a perfect educational tool. Based on a true story, author Heather Lehrman brings an anti-bullying tale to life with the use of some of the cutest pets on the block. The story, which is viable for both children and adults, reminds us of the importance of being kind to one another. It helps to teach the value of great friendships and how, every soul can be fragile.
From bellesandrebelles.blogspot.com
I received Bullied at the Dog Park, featuring Sabrina in the mail to review. When I first showed the book to my girls, my youngest said, "Oh, it's just another book about dogs." But, I knew otherwise, and told her to give it a chance. Yes, the book is about dogs at a dog park, but there is an underlying message that will resonate with kids of all ages about bullying and making "true" friends and about morality.

I snuggled up on the couch to read this book with my girls the other day, and as we started to read and flip through the pages of this book, the girls would point to the cute dog illustrations throughout. They really loved Herbie, the Boston terrier, who this story is about. Herbie was bullied in a dog park, and the story shows how this cute little dog overcame his bullying and found friends who really cared for him, and treated him right.

As we read this story, my girls couldn't believe that even dogs get bullied. I had to remind them that everyone is susceptible to bullying, even my girls who are homeschooled. I really liked how there was a book written that addresses bullying, and that kids can relate to, while also including a group of cute pups to help tell a tale of bullying and how it was handled.

I love how this book opened up lines of communication further with my girls, and had them sharing stories of bullying they have seen, and how they have been the better person and either stood up for the kids being picked on, or went up to them afterwords and asked them if they wanted to be friends. This book is a great start for both parents and teachers, to read to kids, and talk further about bullying, as it can happen anywhere, and to anyone, including dogs in a dog park.

With the holidays fast approaching this book would nice a gift for kids to gift to their teachers, or parents to pick up for their kids, and have a new bedtime book to read to them.
From: www.inspiredbysavannah.com